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Model Train Help

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Model Railroad VLog: Wiring: Part 1 to Part 5.

There is this informative video by TheBige61 for railroad wiring part 1 to part 5

Model Railroad Wiring Part 1

Model Railroad Wiring Part 2

Model Railroad Wiring Part 3

Model Railroad Wiring Part 4

Model Railroad Wiring Part 5

That's all for the wiring video.

The Bige61 can be visited at

John Watson: The trains run on time at Clark Gardens

an article by John Watson
Published: June 08, 2009 10:46 am

John Watson: The trains run on time at Clark Gardens

Trains at Clark Gardens — I thought it was a botanical garden. It has one of the largest outdoor model train displays in this part of Texas.

The trains are located near the center of the gardens.

Carol Montgomery, our tour guide, directed us to a small pathway that led through the rail lines to a large building in the center, known as Clark Station, that housed still more model train displays.

Three different G-Scale Model Garden Trains run on 700 feet of track that meanders through a landscape of natural vegetation.

The trains pass over small wooden trestles over dry stream beds.

As you walk down this path trains circle the tracks on both sides of the pathway.

After going through a small closed-in area you step out underneath an overhead trestle with a train going by over your head.

You next enter the Clark Station.

Here several small sets of model trains are on display.

On one side of the room is a small model train display consisting of four oval tracks, one inside the other, with trains running on all four tracks.

On the other side of the room is a larger display consisting of two model towns with the train track circling through both towns.

One town represents Weatherford with a replica of the Parker County Courthouse at the center of the display.

The other model town is Mineral Wells with a replica of the Crazy Water Hotel in the center.

Clark Station is an octagon shaped building with a center section about 12 feet tall, and the outer area where the train displays are located is 8 feet high. Around the center section at the 8 foot height is a small ledge extending out from the wall with a railroad track on it.

Two trains circle the room on this ledge on opposite sides of the room, each maintaining the same distance from the other.

While we were observing all the trains in operation in the room, a gentleman working with one of the displays went over to the side wall and flipped a switch.

One of the trains on the overhead ledge stopped while the other kept going.

As I watched I was thinking, Now, if there is only one track on that ledge we are going to see one heck of a crash.

I watched as the train grew closer to the one that had stopped.

As the moving train reached the one that had stopped it passed on by. There were two sets of tracks on the ledge.

When I mentioned to the worker that I thought I was about to see a train crash, he grinned and said, “I fool a lot of people with that maneuver.”

It seems that whenever he sees someone intent on watching the trains, he stops one just to see the person’s reaction.

Leaving on the opposite side of Clark Statio” we found another section of the garden trains. These tracks were on a slightly lower level than the walkway so you are looking down on the trains.

Here the tracks go by a miniature windmill and overhead water tank and through two country towns with the roads crossing the tracks. They have toy cars and pickups on the roads.

It’s as if you are flying over in an airplane and looking at the small towns below with the trains passing through.

While visiting the Clark Gardens, take a step back in time to the days of the mighty steam engines and the days when travel by rail was “the way to go.”

Visit the garden trains at Clark Gardens. This is a great attraction for the kiddos, and dad will enjoy it also.

The model train area is an on-going project with additions made often. The garden trains do not run during high winds or in inclement weather. Be sure to visit on a sunny, calm day.

All Aboard.

John Watson is a Cleburne resident who can be reached at

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Model Train Railroad Layout at NMRA Train Show 2007

Another great video from youtube. Featuring Model Train Railroad Layout at NMRA Train Show 2007

Model Train Set : Investing in Your First Model Train Set

This is a great article for starters. Because if not done carefully, it will involve a lot of money.

I bring you this article by Sam Matthews : Model Train Set : Investing in Your First Model Train Set
It can be a difficult task selecting a model train set when you are starting new. There are many model trains out there which come in different sizes. My aim with this article is to cover some important aspects that you should be aware of before you buy your first model train. After you read this article you will have a better understanding of which model train set to buy.

Scales And Space

Space is a very important factor when it comes to model train sets, the amount of space you have at disposable will determine which train set you should purchase. Each model train has a scale which will inform you what the size of the train is. Many model train hobbyists love the HO scale due to the less room it requires. If you are really struggling for space then you can take a look at the N scale trains, they have some nice detail on them as well. My personal favourite is the O scale also referred to as the O gauge trains. O scale trains do not come cheap but if you have the money to invest then they can be worth it. They do require a larger space so you would need at least a 6' x 6' to install your O gauge trains.

What To Go For?

You have a choice here, you can either buy a complete set or you can buy individual parts to form your complete track, each one has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of a complete set is that you can be up and running in a short span of time however you will lack small details like scenery etc. On the other hand, if you choose to buy individual things to complete your track it will take much longer for your track to be completed, however the completed track will be very detailed and you will be happy with it. One thing to bear in mind is that if you do go for a complete set, you can add further trains to it later on. Also if you go for a certain gauge then you will have to stick to that certain gauge for example if you decide to go with the HO gauge then any further trains you buy will have to be that gauge otherwise you will not be able to use them.

DCC Or Not?

In my opinion you should go with train sets which are DCC enabled this will allow you to run multiple train sets on your track. If you ever want to run one train at a time you don't really need your set to the DCC enabled, however you really don't know when you might have a change of heart so it's best to have a DCC enabled set.

If you are looking to buy Hornby trains visit

Article Source:

Model Train Scales : Understanding the Different Model Train Scales

Article is written by Sam Matthews

Different scales are an intricate part of model trains. When you get involved with model trains you quickly learn about different scales for example OH scale, N scale, O scale etc. These scales serve a very meaningful purpose, and that purpose is to tell the hobbyist what the ratio is of the model train to the true life version, and also what is the size of the model itself. For example 1:160 means that the model train is 160 times smaller than the real life thing. One may wonder why do you need to know the different sizes? Well the answer is simple, the different scales help you understand how big your setup will be. Now if you have less space to play with then it would make sense for you to go for the smaller scale trains. However, on the other hand, if you have a larger space at your disposal then you can go for the larger model trains.

So what different model sizes are available to you? Lets go through them.

Z scale: These are probably the smallest model trains around. Their ratio is 1:220. So if you are very limited in space then you might want go for this model train set. They look really cute due to their size.

N scale: These are also on the smaller scale, their ratio is 1:160. These are more popular compared to the Z scale, again preferred by those who have very limited space.

HO scale: This scale is probably the most popular scale, the ratio is 1:87. The detail on these model trains is of a good quality and if you have a decent amount of space available to yourself then you might want to go for this scale. It is also easier to fit scenery around this scale type.

O scale: this one is my personal favourite, their ratio is 1:48 and again these are quite popular as well, however they require the most amount of space. You could squeeze them onto a 5' x 5' setup however it won't look that good because your trains will look bigger than the actual setup.

The scales I've mentioned above are the most popular scales, you do have a few others like G scale and S scale, but these are not that common. You want to go with a popular scale otherwise you will find it difficult to source accessories for your track.

If you are looking to buy Hornby model trains visit
Article is written by Sam Matthews

Matthews, Sam "Understanding the Different Model Train Scales." Understanding the Different Model Train Scales. 10 Apr. 2009. 25 May 2009 .

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"Scenic Model Railroad" at Smoky Mountain Trains located in Bryson, NC

I got to post this video by hines1957 on March 12, 2007 from youtube. It is a scene at Smoky Mountain Trains located in Bryson, NC. Awesome man made terrain an stuff..


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